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Enteron500™ wellhead tension table sustains the heavy load of operational equipment – relieving stresses exerted on the well.

Enteron Solutions

The 500Te was designed to address space limitations and the high-risks of harsh operating environments, particularly in offshore applications.  The most common application for this compact well tensioning system is intervention operations where load transfer through the wellhead is undesirable and structural integrity of the completion may be compromised.


  • Intervention, repair and decommissioning operations for aging wells or identified high-risk operations
  • Structural integrity analysis on wells where subsidence has occurred
  • Structural support to minimize conductor fatigue


  • Reduced weight stresses in compromised well structures
  • Patented system to support 500 Te on standard wellheads
  • Limited riser movement maintains barrier/structural integrity
  • Increased load and stroke capacities over traditional tension frames
  • Reduced costs with potential rigless and simultaneous operations
  • Sustain heavy loads in harsh environmental conditions
  • Prevent fatigue on equipment resulting in a longer life span


  • Stacking system to increase vertical lift and force
  • Small footprint on platform
  • Slot configuration to allow application after rig-up

Get the Data

Our reputable TallyBook data logger monitors and records essential parameters, well loading, well expansion and contraction, tubing head and annuli pressures, and can identify your well activities during operations.

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ISO 9001:2015 certified. 92554-2011-AQ_GBR_UKAS