UK helicopter passengers measurement requirements

Remember that with effect from 01 April 2015, the CAA prohibits helicopter operators from carrying passengers on offshore flights, except in response to an offshore emergency, whose body size, including required safety and survival equipment, is incompatible with push-out window emergency exit size.

Those who measure greater than 22”/55.9cm will be classified as Extra Broad (XBR) and will have to sit in a helicopter seat compatible to their shoulder size. By April these seats will be marked and XBR passengers will be given an armband at heliport check-in desks to help heli-admin crew to easily ensure they are in the correct seats.

Helicopter passengers must be measured by specially trained medics and this can be booked through most medical providers. Aberdeen Medical Services are providing a number of sessions that can be booked on the same day at a cost of £25 per certificate. In order to book your place at Aberdeen Medical Services please call 01224 625 766. After you have been measured, please forward on a copy of your “Bideltoid Measurement Proforma” to at your earliest convenience. If you have any question regarding this, please don’t hesitate in contacting us.


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